Refuge House was founded on traditional Christian values and works hard to keep things “family focused”. Our staff is a team of excellence, comprised of those committed not just to their roles in the agency, but to each of the children and families served. Unlike government run agencies, we provide round the clock access every day of the year. We know needs arise 24/7, and we offer 24/7 access and hands-on support to those we serve. Faith and Prayer are a large part of our day to day operation, because we understand the simple fact that without God nothing is possible. Currently, the agency serves newborns through 21 years of age. If you are looking for an agency that will not only walk with you, but support you through the ins and outs of foster care and adoption, we urge you to consider making Refuge House your home.


Refuge House was incorporated as a Not-for-Profit corporation in the State of Texas in 2002 and received 501(c)3 tax-exempt, tax-deductible status in 2004. In that same year, Refuge House opened its doors to children displaced from their homes as a result of abuse or neglect. Our agency has been continuously operating as a child-placing agency under the direction of co-founder Michele Gorman.

why we do This

MISSION: To serve today’s forgotten youth and families by providing stable growth environments and guiding them on a path to a successful tomorrow.

VISION: To see those we served increase the value of the investment in their lives by passing it on to someone else.



Michele has been at the helm of Refuge House since its founding in 2002, actively engaging the foster care system and loving the kids who come through the Agency. Dr. Gorman is an adoptive parent whose son came to her through foster care in 2000.


kelsey batista, msw, lcpaa| licensed administrator and adoption director

Kelsey has been with Refuge House since 2008, starting as a Case Manager and now sitting as the Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator and Adoption Director. 


matt cole | president, board of directors

Matt joined the board in 2005 and continues to demonstrate his love for the kids of our agency by his commitment to our cause. Matt is currently Board President. 


our services


Refuge House provides a full spectrum of foster care services to the children referred to this agency in the following areas: Basic and Therapeutic Service Levels, Child Care Services and Treatment Services (Mental Retardation, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Emotional Disorders), Adoption Services. Refuge does not offer unrelated types of services that conflict or interfere with the best interest of a child in care, a caregiver’s responsibilities or space in the home, this includes prohibition of an Agency home providing day care services. In the event that Refuge House offers more than one type of service, Refuge House will determine and document that no conflict exists.


Refuge House places children in care who have been diagnosed with both behavioral and developmental disorders. Children who are dually diagnosed will only be placed in homes where the caregivers have appropriate training or experience to adequately manage the child’s care and any resulting behaviors. Refuge House identifies and/or provides additional training to caregivers who have placements of children with special needs in the areas of behavioral and/or mental retardation or autistic features.


Under normal circumstances, Refuge House does not consider placement of children who have a chemical dependency. If a child in care is found to have a chemical dependency issue that was not known at the time of placement, the Agency will assess the situation on a case by case basis.

program model

  1. Refuge House takes a holistic approach in response to the needs of each child. The program is designed to provide services in an integrated fashion for body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Physical health and safety needs of the children are met in specially trained therapeutic foster homes. Basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are provided in these family homes with activities designed for the least restrictive environment in accordance with the child’s individual health and safety needs.
  3. Social and recreational needs are provided through home, school, church, and community activities, with goals for each activity emanating from an integrated, individualized plan of service for each child.
  4. Emotional/psychological needs of children placed in Refuge House, Inc therapeutic foster homes are provided for in-group, individual, or family therapy. Psychological testing, psychiatric evaluation and other medical services are provided on an as-needed basis. Additional resources are utilized to help meet these needs through relationships at school, church, community activities, and nurturing experiences in the foster family.
  5. Spiritual needs are provided through opportunities to participate in the spiritual life of the foster family, in their church, and in the community. If the child so desires, provision will be made for his/her individual religious preferences. Refuge House recruits families from throughout the Christian community so that a wide variety of religious practices are available and clearly presented at admission.
  6. Each child is treated lovingly, respectfully, and without regard for race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
  7. The number of children placed in any one home is based on the welfare of each child and the family members involved.
  8. Professional services to each child are delivered through a treatment team that meets regularly to assess the child’s ongoing needs and develops an Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  9. Foster care is viewed as a temporary placement. It is the commitment of Refuge House to assist and prepare the child to move on in a constructive, purposeful manner in accordance with the permanency plan.
  10. For those who can be expected to emancipate out of foster care, independent living skills will be initiated on an age appropriate level.